Hi my name is Karen.

I am English and I live in London.

I grew up in a very fundamentalist evangelical home where I was wonderfully loved and unintentionally conditioned to be fearful.

I married young and moved to the United States to be with him and lived there as a wife and mother for 10 years.

They were 10 years of mental, emotional, and sometimes physical cruelty.

I managed eventually to leave my marriage and with my son built a new life at home in England.

I have learned that leaving abusive relationships is one part of finding freedom. The other part is that the abusive relationships have to leave you.

The path to recovery , to discovering, or rediscovering your authentic self and having the courage to live free from fear is a life-long one.

We grow a little freer everyday.

I want to share my journey of recovery. The things I have learned. What has helped and what hasn’t.

I can honestly say that there were times I felt hope-less and that I would never live free from fear – that the journey was just too hard.

BUT at 55 I have been in a very loving relationship for 12 years , my son is a grown man now and expecting my first grandchild, and I am living in a place of inner freedom and peace I had hardly dared dream was possible. I am having a blast.


I now work as a trainer and mentor in self-esteem building, assertiveness and anxiety management.

I am also a photographer, artist, taxidermist, write poetry and blogging. (my other blog of random ramblings is called TUXADERMY, not taxidermy, tuxadermy! tuxadermy.wordpress.com).


14 Responses to “About”

  1. Yours is a wonderful tale of survival and rediscovery. I have a similar history and look forward to reading your story. Peace, Beth. Ps – you are now my official 500th follower and thank you for that )

    • 500 !! Wow – do I get a prize for being no 500 ! Lol
      There are so many of us rebuilding our lives – we are courageous women who will not give up until we taste the saltiness of total freedom on our lips !!!! It’s good to meet you

  2. Of course you get the prize, I’ve mailed you an ice cream cone, and hope it makes it there intact ) I agree with you and it is interesting to look back, it felt like being born again, (not in any religious sense, I’m agnostic), but in my heart and soul, a new life. ) beth

    • thanks for the ice cream – it was a nice thought – but sadly only the stick remained intact within a pool of lovely chocolate mush !
      I agree it definitely is being born again – and i dont know about you but having gone through all that sh*t I now have a deeper gratitude for the ordinary every day things in life – its a silver lining in what was a dark cloud isnt it!

  3. Absolutely, and it seems a different lifetime to me now. Think that by leaving and living a life of kindness, safety, and joy again, it was a good example to my daughters.

    • oh my god – yes, a wonderful example – my son was 2 when i finally left – it is so wonderful that he is now a man of 28, about to have his first child with the woman he loves, and to see that i have been able to raise him to respect women and to cherish his wife.

  4. Your story is compelling. Everyone reaches a breaking point. Having the balls to make a better life is commendable. You are a soldier, I am glad we have crossed paths. ❤

  5. I am happy to have connected with you. Continue to share your voice and people recover from the path of self destruction. God bless.

  6. As I press on toward that place of true peace and happiness I feel encouraged by your words. If God did it for you he can do it for me too. Thanks for being such an encouragement 🙂

    • my dear – if i manage only one thing in my short time on this planet, I hope it is that I am just that – an encouragement to others
      thank you for your kind words

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