It’s OK. 

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I love it when someone realises there’s no shame in having a mental illness and begins to accept and like who they sre

Anxiety Warrior

1 in 4 people will be affected by mental illness. That’s a statistic that we hear thrown about a lot. We’re all just part of another statistic that no one really pays much attention to. Yet when you think about it, reeeaaally think about it, it’s amazing just how many people will become affected by one of the least treated illnesses in the world.

Next time you’re in a group of people, look around and pick out 4 in your head at random. Based on the statistic, one of these people is, or will be, in some way affected by mental health (obviously you’re not Derren Brown reading minds, it’s just an exercise).

So what does this tell us? Well mental illness is more common than people would care to think about. In one way or another, mental illness is affecting someone we love in some way, and more often…

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Loving Someone With PTSD

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What an inspiring, hope filled and beautiful perspective- I have CPTSD and I love what you’ve written

Bipolar Bear Speaks

Loving someone with PTSD means that all their broken pieces fit perfectly into yours, creating a beautiful puzzle. Your souls mesh together and begin to heal the damage done by the past.You have a love that will last a lifetime and surpass the beauty of the stars in the sky.Your souls, newly joined, will refract light through the cracked edges in ways you never before thought possible. You see the world with a whole new pair of eyes. It is as if your vision has turned from black and white to exploding color.

There is no greater privilege than to be the one that helps your lover heal. You form a special connection that no one else will ever be able to understand.  At times, it can be hard. It hurts to see them hurt and to know of their past. But if you stick by them, their joy becomes…

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Understand My Problems

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Mental health issues impact our sons, brothers, fathers as they experience war and then return home. Here is one such powerful story

Soldier To Civi

The pain, the alcohol, the suicidal thoughts and a sense of shame. These are the effects on a soldier when he is informed that he is a liability and he must return home, which in turn, means he would have to leave his brothers in arms fighting on the frontline.

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Goodbye you

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So inspiring it needs reading more than once

Anxiety Warrior

Since my anxiety diagnosis, I’ve often felt a sense of grief for the person I once was. A confident, bright, optimistic guy with a good group of friends, very likeable and really approachable. He was cool. Quite a popular person who seemed to know everyone, go so many places and be prepared to face anything.

Anxiety, however, didn’t seem to like him, and over the space of around 12 months would chip away at him, making him crumble into a dust, and disappear with the wind. This made me sad. I had lost someone, I’d become reclusive, quiet, lost friends, I was irritable, unsociable and a shadow of the lad who no longer existed.

One new year I decided ‘that’s it, I’m going to get the old me back’. I sought therapy, I pushed myself so hard and powered through all of my fears over the space of 4 years…

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It’s Happening: I’m Going to Rehab

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Facing our issues is terrifying but it’s worse to stay where we are and continue to be in and cause pain. This is a step this terrified woman is taking because she cares about her life and those in it more than the bottle

Life In Detox

Fuck. This is a hard post to write.

The cursor is blinking at me.

What next?

This blank screen is sitting across from me, like a cynical friend, eyebrow raised, waiting for me to tell them the truth. Wanting the whole story.


Fuck it.

I’m going to rehab. 

There. I said it. I’m doing it. I’m going.

February 21. A week from tomorrow.

I chatted with the intake specialist last night. I’m calling her at noon to complete the registration, put in my deposit, and make it real.

I fell asleep crying last night. Damn Adele on the Grammy’s pushed me over the edge. Hubs and I were having a rare talk, and he wants me to go. He prefaced it with “Please, don’t misinterpret this, but we need some time apart. To figure out who we are and what we want.”

So I’m going to rehab. For a month.


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Amputees Who Lift

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INSPIRATION when life deals us cards we could never have imagined holding in our hand. Please read this for a mood lift processed through pain, grit and determination

Soldier To Civi



With every step that you take on the battlefields of Afghanistan, there is a potential for that one step to be life changing.

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Ever see those sci fi movies where no one eats food anymore –

they all pop pills instead?

Its sort of happened already

dont you think?

I mean


We all eat crisps and french fries

but I have never planted a potato

or dug one out of the soil.

Are you kidding?

Why would I?

sounds far too much like hard work!

Someone else does that for me!


As a result –

The source of my nutrition

is as far removed from my everyday experience

as Jupiter!

It may be easier but it sure aint healthier!


We do the same when it comes to feeding our souls.

We may lack nutrients

from emotional malnutrition

in our childhoods,

or because of toxic relationships later on.

So what do we do?

Go organic?

Get our hands dirty in the hard work of growing our own?


We go to our local pharmaceutical supermarket –

the doctor –

and try to get our emotional nutrition in a pill.



I am an advocate

of anti-depressants and mood stabilisers –

when they are needed.

I have used them myself

and I still take Prozac today.


What I’m talking about here is

stuff like –


the critical voice in our head

borne out of abusive

or unhealthy



replacing it

with a

Barry White


voice of loving encouragement

and affirmation.

barry white

Breaking habitual negative and anxious thought patterns

and learning

to make

more positive,


habitual thought patterns

that enable you

to live a life without fear.

A life you love living.


Yes it’s hard work!

Learning to live free from anxiety

by re-sculpting my plastic brain –

re-shaping my neural pathways,

has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.

And it took time.

But let me tell you –



So get out your gardening gloves!

Over the next few posts

I’m going to teach you

how to grow a potato!



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I thought my brain was a stone,

set hard.

I thought I was stuck with it

just the way it is.

But hey –

guess what?

Its plastic,


and I can,

with time

and patience

make it a shape

that serves me better.

I can streamline it,

make it aerodynamic

so it flies



to destinations of my choosing.


I’m not stuck with it

just the way it is.


What am I talking about?


Our thought lives

determine our behaviour.


It is our



thought patterns

that make our lives


and scary.


It was always assumed


we are hardwired

from birth.

But now,

neuroscience tells us

we are not

and that we can


our neural pathways,

our thought lives,

into shapes

and patterns

that serve us better

that make life

more enjoyable.

Malvina Hoffman 1885-1966 - American sculptor - Tutt'Art@ (24)


is not a painful



you have to live with anymore.

you can change who you are

by changing how you think!!

You are not just human beings –

you are human becomings!!

You can become who you want to be.

This is not a glib “power of positive thinking” motivational speech.

This is science

and psychology

and it can change your life –

It changed mine.

In my next post I’ll talk about how how to start this process, and how to keep going until your life is less anxious and negative, better, easier, and happier.

I am talking from personal experience here


It can be done!!!!



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This piece so speaks to me that I thought it would also speak to those who follow my blog – read and be inspired!


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Parents are supposed to feed their children.

Did yours?

Parents are supposed to make sure their children eat healthy food.

Did yours?

If they didn’t

then you are malnourished.

It’s a fact.

This creates a physical effect.

It impacts how healthy you are

as an adult.

This is isn’t rocket science.

It’s common sense.

You will have vitamin deficiencies,

an underdeveloped immune system,


and other assorted issues.

If you have any sense at all

you will address this

absence of nourishment

in your early years.

You will visit a nutritionist


discuss the matter.

You will

take her advice,

take her supplements,


learn how to feed yourself


with what you lacked

as a child.

There is no stigma attached to this –

You are simply hungry!

gustav klimmt

gustav klimmt

Parents are supposed to love their children.

Did yours?

Parents are supposed to make sure their children are nurtured and validated.

Did yours?

If they didn’t

then you are malnourished.

It’s a fact.

This creates emotional effects.

It impacts how whole you are

as an adult.

This isn’t rocket science.

It’s common sense.

You will have emotional deficiencies,

an underdeveloped sense of self,


and other assorted issues.

If you have any sense at all

you will address this

absence of nourishment

in your early years.

You will visit a therapist


discuss the matter.

You will

take her advice,

take her prescription,


learn how to feed yourself


with what you lacked

as a child.

There should be no stigma attached to this –

You are simply hungry.


A therapist is really just an emotional nutritionist !!!!!

It is only ignorance in our society that tells us there is any stigma attached to addressing the mental/emotional needs that arise out of lack in our childhoods.




Are you aware of any consequences in your adult life of a lack of validation or nurturing in your early years?

Please share the ways you have discovered to feed and nurture yourself now – it will help others in the same boat.

Life In Detox

Breaking down. Building up.


Recipes and stories by Monica Shaw


Because life's a pain in the head sometimes

Two Angels and a Black Dog

The journey of a single mum with bipolar

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